STUDY IN ENGLISH - National Security (Master Degree)

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Level of study: second-cycleForm of study: full-timeEducation profile: academicDuration: 2 years


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from 2018-05-30 16:00:00 to 2018-08-16 17:00:00








Graduate studies in National Security is a field of study that allows to prepare human resources at various levels of administration and state services to for the implementation of tasks related to state security. Education includes knowledge in the field of: legal basis of security, security policy, crisis management, logistics in crisis situations, international political and military relations. The aim of the studies is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills used in future professional work in uniformed services, public administration and other organizations acting for the benefit of national and international security.

The specializations

Euro-Atlantic security – the  graduate will acquire knowledge in the field of broadly understood contemporary international security with particular reference to Europe and the transatlantic community and its interests in the world. Specialization focuses on the international security environment and its functioning within the framework of institutional cooperation mechanisms.

Competitive interview – the graduate will acquire skills in acquiring and analyzing information and their use for the purpose of competitive intelligence.

The University reserves the right of not opening a department  or specialty when the number of accepted candidates is too small.


Admission rules


The procedure includes:

diploma results - in the case of graduates of the same or related field of study;


an interview covering major subjects appropriate for the undergraduate course of the Department of national security -in the case of candidates with a degree in other fields of study (sample topics are posted below - as ADDITIONAL INFORMATION).

In the qualifying procedure the following grading system is applied: very good (5), good plus (4+), good (4), satisfactory plus (3+), satisfactory (3), unsatisfactory (2). The candidate who gets an unsatisfactory grade in the interview cannot be accepted.


Place of results' announcement


The results of the recruitment will be available on the IRK account of each registered candidate.


Additional information


There is a fee required.

Sample issues for an interview (national security)
1. The basic sections of philosophy: ontology, gnoseology and axiology.
2. Migrations and their consequences for the state security.
3. Contemporary visions of international order.
4. Characteristics of contemporary wars and international conflicts.
5. Security challenges of Poland.
6. The organization of the public administration in Poland.
7. Polish security policy after 1989.
8. Typology and classification of security.
9. Determinants of the modern role of the state in the relation to security.
10. Global security threats.
11. Security strategy of the Republic of Poland.
12. The national security system of Poland development strategy 2022 [Strategia rozwoju systemu bezpieczeństwa narodowego RP 2022].
13. The essence and nature of the crisis management.
14. Poland in international political relations.
15. International security models.